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Manufactured to Your Specifications

  • We can design from new or existing trailers or shipping containers.
  • Owning your own mobile stage has some very distinct advantages.
  • Never worry about a rental availability on a weekend or popular holiday
  • It helps solve the problem of needing a different permanent staging area at each of your community's event locations.
  • It projects a consistant and identifiable comunity profile at any event.
  • Any site can be given an attractive enclosed acoustic area that offers visual, sound and  lighting control, with weather protection, and security.
  • Your OutFront Portable Solutions Mobile Stage may also be rented out to others to generate revenue and offset your investment.

Mobile Stage Rentals

Portable Rental Stage | View Slides | Transport Anywhere Set Up Time 1 Hour - 2 men Stage Size 16' X 36' Private Change Rooms on Each Wing

Upper Observation Deck 8' X 8' Basic Lighting Provided Lighting Towers Available Sound System Ready (100 Amp Sevice)

  • Parking the Mobile Stage
    Moving the OutFront Portable Solutions Mobile Stage into place.
  • Aligning the Mobile Stage
    Aligning the Mobile Stage into its place.
  • Parked and Ready To Go
    Once the portable stage is parked in place. It needs to be leveled using the four independent levelers.
  • Raising The Roof
    Usinging an hydraulic pump the side begins to open.
  • Ready to Rock
    The roof is raised - the stage is out - the electricity is plugged in. We are ready to Rock.
  • Stage Locked
    The stage roof may be raised and lowered independently of the stage platform. Here it is shown closed down and locked up with the stage out
  • Ready to Roll
    From an open field to an open concert in less than an hour.
  • Visual Image
    It is important to project a good visual image. Haldimand County has succeeded here
  • Ready to Play
    With a 30' X 60' stage area there is plenty of space to put on a great show.
  • Built in Lighting
    This mobile stage has its own built in lighting.
  • Glowing in the Dark
    Another succesful and memorable event.
Mobile Stage